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Welcome, Ruby! Cristo Rey Intern

Hello, my name is Rubicela, most known as Ruby. I am a Cristo Rey student interning at the Columbus Landmarks this year on Tuesdays. This for sure has been a new opportunity for me and I have learned a lot in the little time I have been working here. Some of my activities in this organization are scanning, event planning, answering the phone, organization, processing payments, and more. Honestly, before this job, I had no clue what a landmark was or why it mattered, but since I have started working here I have been gaining knowledge about the matters of Columbus historic buildings. My personal favorite building is the LeVeque tower.

I have many goals in life especially when it comes to the career path that will affect me for the long run. My interest mostly falls into the fields of law and criminology. Being a lawyer probably would suit me but I am not so sure since I am only just 15 years old. This might sound a bit overused but my motivation in life are my parents, they are the primary reason on why I do my best in everything that I do. I will always appreciate the fact that my parents made the difficult choice to leave Mexico to provide a better life for me and my siblings.

I am not so sure about what life has in store for me but I am willing to take all the opportunities that come my way. I am looking forward to the rest of the year here at the Columbus Landmarks!

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kathy – November 2, 2018

Welcome Rubicela! What an opportunity for you and Columbus Landmarks! I know your parents are most proud of you. : )
I pray the best for you and your family Ruby.

Best Regards,


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