Help Make Preservation a Priority!

Urban Ideas Forum

In thinking about the future of historic preservation, Columbus Landmarks has created an initiative called the Urban Ideas Forum. This is meant to generate input from you  about the types of sites that should be included in our advocacy efforts and might be future sites to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We believe that hearing from you will inform us in creating a more prosperous future for Central Ohio through preservation. 

For example, we believe that many of our public entities have been great stewards of our parks, public spaces, infrastructure, and buildings. As a result, we've listed many of these features in our ‘Atlas’ to encourage additional recognition of these historic resources. We believe that some of these elements may be eligible for special documentation through the National Park Service to assure that their unique contribution to our community is recognized well into the future.

Moving forward, maintaining the Atlas will be a lot of work and we invite you to help us through participation in one of our committees. Specifically, we need help with photo documentation and historical research about these key elements. We also need help understanding when these elements may become endangered; we have assigned a status to all of these elements and if you know of a potential threat to any of these historic resources we'd love to hear from you.

In closing, we’ve worked hard to build an engaging tool that helps our membership better understand the unique aspects of our wonderful community and we're inviting you to participate in influencing its future.