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James B. Recchie Design Award

The James B. Recchie Design Award honors excellence in urban design reflected in historic and new buildings and places, additions to existing buildings, parks, public spaces and public art. The award celebrates projects that add to the distinctive character and improved quality of life in Columbus and the designers responsible for them.  View past 30 winners »

Award Criteria

Creativity of Design
Design excellence can be reflected in sense of scale, use of space, appropriate use of materials, and ability of the design to facilitate the intended use. Attributes include aesthetics, functionality, form, innovation, originality and environmental responsibility.

Quality urban design is sensitive to and contributes to the visual quality of the surrounding area and/or community identity. It reflects the historical, architectural, and development values of the community; contributes to its quality of life on a large or small scale; and relates to the physical context into which it is set.

Quality of Materials, Craftsmanship
Quality of materials and craftsmanship reflect a thoughtful attention to detail and successful implementation of a design concept. This can include sensitive treatment of historic features; innovative use of materials; and refined craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.

Contribution to the Urban Environment
Quality urban design must have a positive impact on the people who use a building, space, or area. This can range from those who work or live in a building, to public accessibility of an urban space, to a physical environment that encourages positive social interaction.

Quality urban design projects should retain all of these characteristics over an extended period of time, and, in fact may increase in significance over time.

The 31st winner will be announced Oct. 6, 2021.