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New Look For Columbus Landmarks

Building on the excitement from this past year, our 40th Anniversary, Columbus Landmarks has embarked on a mission to refresh our brand and better tell our story. Our newly designed logo pays tribute to the place where it all began: the Union Station Arch.  A small activist group witnessed the overnight demolition of the 1897 Daniel Burnham designed Union Station and swooped in to fight for and save the only remaining Arch. Columbus Landmarks was born and The Arch stands in McFerson Commons today representing not only that fateful event, but hope for a better built environment.


The Arch itself has become iconic and treasured public art that makes an emotional connection to the past and offers a hopeful lesson for the future.  As Columbus attracts new residents and visitors who want to experience a “someplace,” Columbus Landmarks remains its steadfast advocate for historic preservation and new design excellence to ensure we are not mistaken for an “anyplace.” Our members, volunteers and supporters understand that buildings, landscapes and public art provide a sense of identity and community, inspire creativity and enrichment, and contribute to revitalization, sustainability and economic development.


We believe the new logo speaks boldly to our mission and proudly of our heritage.  Our thanks to Orbit Design for their design expertise and commitment to our cause. The logo refresh has been an exciting, collaborative effort – our Marketing Committee worked hard to identify a tangible representation of the organization’s past, present and future. Our eternal gratitude to our founders for giving us all the Union Station Arch.


Susan – April 3, 2018

Love the new look and logo! When can I purchase a T-shirt or sweatshirt?

Becky West – April 3, 2018

Thanks, Susan! You’re not biased 😉 Merchandise is coming soon!

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