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Nagy Brothers Shoe Repair

2020 Most Endangered Sites

Nagy Brothers Shoe Repair

Year Built: 1948
Address: 1725 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43207
Original Building Use: Service Station, Bakery
Owner: Joseph A. Nagy Trustee

Nagy Brothers Shoe Repair is an unassuming, diminutive, single-story, painted brick and block building with intact original interior fixtures. The northern section (with peaked roof) is c1920s and was an automobile service station and later a bakery. Joseph and Steve Nagy, both deceased, purchased the building just after World War II, added on to the building, and operated Nagy Brothers Shoe Repair for 63 years along the Parsons Avenue Business Corridor of Columbus’ South End. Joseph Nagy walked a block from his Hungarian Village home to this shop daily, until his retirement in 2009.

Why is this site endangered?

The building is vacant with potential for adaptive reuse. The site represents diversity in the city’s cultural inheritance and an opportunity to recognize, remember, and preserve overlooked assets.

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Joe Huszar – January 11, 2021

Don’t try to save something just cause it’s old. So many other things have to be considered.

Deanna Chalender – September 16, 2021

Please just stop destroying what’s left of anything historical alone. I remember going in there with my dad to have metal taps put on his shoe soles.

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