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Service Station Lost


We have bad news to share regarding the service station at 1331 N. High Street. We have bad news to share regarding the service station at 1331 N. High Street. Despite the outpouring of interest in saving and moving this little gem of a building, it is being demolished with other 20th century commercial buildings on the King & High block to make way for new mixed-use development.

Columbus Landmarks received hundreds of inquiries about the property and many creative ideas for its adaptive reuse. Unfortunately, while the developer was willing to pay to move the building, there were significant realities that surfaced including the stability of the structure to withstand a move plus rising costs. We pursued every angle to make moving the building a reality (including manual deconstruction), but our efforts fell short and time is up.

What also surfaced is the great need in our city to preserve small, affordable commercial spaces. As more and more historic buildings are demolished to make way for new development, the interesting spaces where local businesses can survive and thrive are increasingly in short supply. Historic buildings in older neighborhoods provide authentic and affordable commercial spaces for entrepreneurs and creatives. Columbus Landmarks is taking action toward this very purpose with a recently established Endangered Properties Fund that will enable our non-profit organization to get control of historic commercial buildings, protect them, and connect them to preservation-minded buyers/users.

We look forward to sharing good news very soon.