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Holy Rosary Church Campus

2018 Most Endangered Buildings

Holy Rosary Church Campus

Year Built: 1840 – 1928
Building Addresses:1367 E. Main St. Cols
Original Use:Religious
Current Use: Vacant
Building Condition:Structurally stable but deteriorated

Owner: Rock of Faith CDC
Michael Howard, Executive Director
Owner Address: 1657 E. Main St, Cols 43205
Phone: 614-565-5555

Style and Significance:
The Rectory is an 1840’s farmhouse originally on the site when it was acquired by the Columbus Diocese. It was once a part of the Underground Railroad and in 1905, a school/church was built on the site and served until the church building was completed in 1916. The school/church then became a convent on the site.

The exterior of the church was designed in a plain Northern Italianate style, while the interior is ornate Renaissance Revival.

The Holy Rosary Catholic High School Building opened in 1928 and graduated its last class in the 1960s, when the Holy Rosary Parish was merged to help form the Community of Holy Rosary and St. John the Divine. The school was built in the Northern Italianate style and was designed to complement the church. Both incorporate distinctive clay tile insets into the exterior décor of the brick buildings.

The convent building at this site has received some rehab and stabilization. A contract to buy the convent was not completed in 2017. The high school building is vacant, unsecured and deteriorating. The rectory and church buildings are in use, but also show signs of water damage and deterioration. The buildings are ripe for redevelopment and are adaptable and reusable.

Photos by Orbit Design & Richard Burry


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