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Hayden Mausoleum

2019 Most Endangered Buildings

Hayden Mausoleum

Year Built: 1920
Address: 1000 Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH 43223
Original Building Use: Mausoleum
Owner: Green Lawn Cemetery

The largest single family mausoleum in central Ohio was designed by noted architect Frank Packard . The classical stone construction with terra cotta tile and stained glass dome is meant to suggest a sunflower from above. Other features include oversized carved wood doors, iron gate, and an interior of lap and plaster with painted murals and a dozen marble sarcophagi in a circle. Peter Hayden arrived in Columbus in 1839. He established a carriage company, hardware business and later ventured into banking. His son, Charles, was his partner in the hardware business and later ventured into mining and manufacturing (Haydenville and Hocking Furnace). The Haydens were an important founding family of early Columbus and their mausoleum is both unique and beautiful. It occupies a prominent lot in historic Green Lawn Cemetery.
Why is this Site Endangered?
The main branch of the Hayden family is gone and no funds are in place for the ongoing preservation of the mausoleum. Extensive damage has been done by vandals and there is significant water intrusion from the dome. Although the building has not been entered for about a decade, some examination was made of the dome roof and the cost of restoration exceeds what the Green Lawn Cemetery Association can provide on its own. There is a growing danger that the dome will collapse or that water damage to the interior walls will become catastrophic. The only obstacle to restoration is funding.

1.5.2020 Update: Last week’s  heavy winds took a toll on the Hayden Mausoleum. Long sections of the copper roof have peeled up, allowing full water intrusion into the already deteriorating interior. Columbus Landmarks is working on a plan to address the crisis with Randy Rogers, President and Executive Director of Green Lawn Cemetery Association. In the meantime, please join us for a Winter Walk at Green Lawn on Sunday, January 26 from 2-4pm to learn more and to support the restoration efforts via your ticket purchase. ►REGISTER 

Photos by Orbit Design & Richard Burry

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Joan E Reid – May 23, 2019

Having family at Greenlawn and bird watching there for several years, I am familiar with this building. It is a shame that it has deteriorated so much. I spent several hours at Greenlawn the other day and I know they must be struggling to preserve these old buildings. Since it is a Packard design – would the AIA be interested in donating some money toward its preservation?

Pamela Schirner – May 24, 2019

I love going about Greenlawn Cemetery, walking, birdwatching & just soaking in the quiet atmosphere. This is quite a mausoleum & beautiful to look at. It is well worth restoring/maintaining for posterity. They aren’t made anymore!

Jay Hoster – June 8, 2019

This is the only example of Palladian architecture I know of in Central Ohio.

steve snyder – August 31, 2019

isnt anything sacred? Its a place of someones remains!!

Chuck Miller – March 20, 2020

One of the most beautiful sight in Green Lawn cemetery. I’ve spent many hour during nice weather sitting on those steps reading. This magnificent structure needs to be saved.

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