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Hartman Farm Rezoning

The fate of the 1903 Hartman Farm property, now approx. 500 acres along US 23, may be sealed if a rezoning application to allow industrial/commercial use is approved on October 15.

Once a 5,000-acre property and the pride of Dr. Samuel Hartman of Peruna notoriety, the historic farm was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.The rezoning application will be reviewed by the South Columbus Area Commission Zoning Committee at an October 15 meeting at 6:30pm via WebEx. Attend the meeting and follow Save The Hartman Farm Historic District on Facebook to get involved in advocating for this important place.

We have been concerned about the vacancy and deterioration of the schoolhouse on the property – one of two remaining buildings – for many years and have recently been invited by the Ohio Department of Transportation to be a consulting party for a Section 106 Review. ODOT indicated their proposed project at South High (US 23) & Rathmell has the potential “to affect" the Hartman Farm Schoolhouse.

Hartman Farm Schoolhouse


Judy McClelland – March 7, 2021

We don’t need more warehouses or new homes in this area. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 41 years and have seen not only traffic but also crime increase. We have enough warehouse sitting empty even as they build new ones. Hamilton schools cannot handle a bunch of new students and most would have to go to CPS anyway. Need to save the farm!

John Lute – May 12, 2021

We moved to this area 15 years ago because it offered a quiet and scenic environment. I’m sad to say that over the last few years I’ve witnessed this scenery replaced with millions of cubic feet of warehousing. I’m sad to see land with such rich farm history be transformed into our modern “farming” otherwise known as warehousing. I realize that building warehouses on idle fam land brings jobs and dollars to the area however, mixing industrial warehousing with residential housing is like trying to mix water and oil. My guess is that money will power this – like it powers everything – and residential housing will be overpowered. I’m asking the “powers-that-be” to SERVE THEIR PUBLIC by supporting our needs. As one of them, I’m saying that I need to preserve the quiet and scenery that I bought into. I do NOT want another warehouse in my back yard. Please find another place to build.

Linda Leach – May 12, 2021

Please save the farm land .We do not need anymore warehouses in this area.

Dave – August 31, 2021

It is going to be a Google Data Center.

Mellissa Spaulding – May 13, 2021

I grew up on this farm back in the 70s. It broke our hearts when the closed the farm and turned it into Quarries. It took several years for the wildlife to conform to that. Making all these changes will surely danger the wildlife as there will be no where for them to go. There are millions of empty buildings and such in the city that could be used as that would clean up those areas in the process. Save our heritage as well as the animals.

Debbie Roesch – September 7, 2021

Hi. We lived on the farm in the late 50s. My mom taught school at Hamilton. I don’t have pics of the farm and would like some for my memories. Please help. 937-644-8323. Thank you

Michael – March 27, 2022

Greed is an evil thing that you so call Trump voters should be endorsing, just like the casinos, just think of the Jobs, and tax revenues, the 🦊, deer, coyote’s birds, rabbits, raccoons, fish, minks, Beavers, the endangered wildflowers, insects, they don’t vote, this will fit right in with the horses, at Scioto, and the quarries on the other side of High St.

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