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How can I find out the history behind a particular historic building or site?

How can I stop the sale / demo of a historic building in my neighborhood?

This is a difficult question to answer, and there are any number of approaches you can and should take. A change of property owners may or may not be cause for concern; oftentimes such a ...

If my property is listed as “historic” does that mean I can’t do anything to it?

When a historic resource achieves listing, either locally or nationally, it does so because it uniquely represents our heritage. As such we all bear responsibility to maintain and respect those precious remnants of our past. ...

I have a really old house. How can I get it listed as a landmark?

Formal recognition as a “historic landmark” is determined by the nature of the property or place, and can be achieved at either the national or local level. A building of national significance may qualify for ...

Can I apply for a grant from the Columbus Landmarks Foundation?

Columbus Landmarks can and does foster, support, and promote many historic preservation efforts, however, we are a nonprofit organization and not a funding institution.

I have an old home that needs some renovation/restoration work done. Can you recommend someone?

Columbus Landmarks is currently developing a reference list of those companies that specialize in both interior and exterior renovation and restoration of historic properties. Please call the office for referrals – 614-221-0227.

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