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The Broadwin

2019 Most Endangered Buildings

The Broadwin

Year Built: 1924
Address:1312 E. Broad Street, Columbus Ohio 43215
Original Building Use: Hotel
Owner: Eli Adahan

The early 20th century brought a major change in architecture type along East Broad Street with the introduction of luxury apartment buildings and commercial buildings to what was a boulevard of mostly mansions and churches. The 8-story Broadwin was designed as a hotel/apartments in a fashionable Second Renaissance Revival style and represents an early use of reinforced concrete construction. The Broadwin features a marble lobby and decorative trim that remain intact. The building is part of the East Broad Street Historic District listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
Why is this Site Endangered?
The Broadwin has suffered long-term vacancy and ownership changes, as well as vandalism and some deterioration. The current owner purchased the building in 2017 and has not yet been successful in obtaining historic tax credits to make the rehabilitation feasible. The latest proposal, contingent upon receiving tax credits in the next round, calls for a $17.6 million rehabilitation project to return the property to its original 46-unit configuration.

UPDATE March 30, 2021: The Broadwin Is Back On The Market

The Broadwin is for sale and has tremendous potential to help meet the rising demand for housing in Columbus. Fortunately, it was recently awarded Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credits. If interested in purchasing the property, contact The Robert Weiler Company for more information. ►DETAILS

Photos by Orbit Design & Richard Burry

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Kris H – May 23, 2019

Such a gorgeous, grand building – hoping this one can get a new life soon

Joan E Reid – May 23, 2019

I hated to see this building on the list. I always admired it when I rode the Broad Street bus to 547 E. Broad where I worked for 4 years and then to 88 E. Broad where I worked for several years. It always stood out and still looks great. So many of these grand old buildings have been taken from us. Hope it can be saved.

Lynn B Stan – May 23, 2019

This building should be saved because a lot of major renovations have already taken place.

Pamela Schirner – May 24, 2019

Beautiful old building! It should be restored for apartment living – it would be quite grand.

Michael – March 11, 2020

I lived in this building on the 5th floor in the early 1970s. The apartments were gorgeous with detailing not found in many structures of the period. I hope they can restore it to the grandeur it truly deserves.

Robbin Penick – March 2, 2021

Am interested in renting a one bedroom at the Broadwin when it becomes available. Thank you, Robbin

Cathie Senter – May 7, 2021

I live close to the Broadwin so it’s dear to my heart and hope that someone can finally make this project happen. Information on the building (and how to illegally access it) has been shared on the internet and has increased trespassing at the property. More recently in the past year, the trespassing has turned to vandalism. I have even seen teenagers on the ROOF laying on the projecting cornice!! It’s a shame because the longer it sits empty, the more damage and neglect it will incur.

Carl Lykins – January 19, 2022

I am a contractor and would love to rehab this,if there is any investor that would be interested in taking this on id love to network with ya and get this project goin email me with ideas and or thoughts,

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