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Union Station Arch Logo T-shirt

Show your passion for preservation and support Columbus Landmarks advocacy efforts with this vintage-style tee from State of Devotion featuring the Columbus Landmarks logo’s iconic sole surviving 1897 Union Station Arch. Ultra-soft and available in charcoal with light grey or black ink + heather blue with blue ink. Made in the USA, Poly-Cotton (50% Polyester / 50% Cotton) construction.


Union Station Lion T-shirt

Express your passion for Columbus Landmarks and historic architecture with this vintage-style tee featuring lion sculpture rescued from Union Station demolition. Train bridge inspector Francis “Fritz" Burkhardt’s office was in Union Station for many years – devastated by its destruction, he walked through the rubble and rescued two of the dimensional lion sculptures adorning the station – this shirt salutes him and all those like him who love, cherish and work to save our architectural history. Shirts are ultra-soft, color charcoal. Made in the USA, Poly-Cotton (50% Polyester / 50% Cotton) construction.


Union Station Rosette T-Shirt

Show your passion for historic architecture with this vintage-style tee from State of Devotion. The design features the sculpted rosette on the capital of the Corinthian columns supporting the c.1897 Union Station Arch located in McFerson Park.

All shirts are Made in the USA.
Poly-Cotton (50% Polyester / 50% Cotton) construction



Show your passion for preservation and support the advocacy efforts of Columbus Landmarks with this custom-embroidered polo from State of Devotion.

Featuring the sole surviving 1897 Union Station Arch, this pique polo is available in navy with charcoal embroidery.

100% cotton construction


Union Station Arch Glass

Show your passion for preservation and support the advocacy efforts of Columbus Landmarks.

Each glass makes any beverage a monumental experience featuring an etching of the Columbus Landmarks logo with iconic Union Station Arch. Holds 16 ounces. Proudly made in Ohio!


Columbus Landmarks Fan 1" Metal Pin Button

Express your passion for our city’s architecture and show your support for Columbus Landmarks’ efforts to make preservation a priority by sporting this 1" square metal Landmarks pin on your hat, shirt, jacket, coat, backpack, bag, dog, cat, kid or anywhere it fits. Just wear it!

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by Tom Betti & Doreen Uhas Sauer

Historic Columbus Taverns

Go barhopping through some of the historic public houses from the frontier era through Prohibition. Along the way, the stories of historic taverns in Columbus include Native American captivity stories, live bears, German “vinegar” brewers, Catholic Masses set against the backdrop of a tavern, cholera, typhoid, land speculation and political dealings, underground tunnels, a scandalous divorce and even a bordello (imagine that).

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by by Conrade C. Hinds

The Great Columbus Experiment of 1908 Waterworks That Changed the World

Scientists and a collection of nationally renowned men who were taught the science of sanitary engineering at MIT by a forgotten and uncredited female chemist devised a plan and mobilized an army of workers into action in spite of the ceaseless internal strife of city politicians. The result was a water treatment system that saving perhaps millions of lives.

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by Tom Betti and Doreen Uhas Sauer

On This Day in Columbus History

Columbus grew from a one-horse town to a metropolis one day at a time. Tom Betti and Doreen Uhas Sauer selected 365 fascinating city history vignettes for each day of the year. Match your seasons up to Columbus history, from the marching band hired to test the strength of incomplete statehouse stairs in January 1857 to the prohibition of public dancing in city parks, enjoy delightful tidbits.

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by Conrade C. Hinds

Columbus and the Great Flood of 1913

Beginning on Easter Sunday, March 23, 1913, Columbus and the Ohio Valley endured a downpour that would produce the largest flood in one hundred years. Heavy rains came on the heels of an especially cold winter, resulting in a torrent of runoff over saturated and frozen ground. Rivers and streams quickly overflowed and levees failed, sending tsunami-like floodwater into unsuspecting communities and claiming four hundred lives. There were ninety-six deaths in Columbus alone when the swollen Scioto River emptied water that ran nine to seventeen feet deep through the streets of the near west side. Join Conrade C. Hinds and the Columbus Landmarks Foundation in a closer look at a flood disaster that reshaped the American Midwest.

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Edited by Tom Betti, Ed Lentz & Doreen Uhas Sauer

Columbus Neighborhoods
A Guide to the Landmarks of Franklinton, German Village, King-Lincoln, Olde Town East, Short North & the University District

Explore the layers of history and character bound in these vibrant communities. Discover the stories behind Columbus neighborhoods and their landmarks. This encyclopedia of Columbus neighborhoods gives voice to the rich heritage residing in the bell towers, parks and streetscapes of Franklinton, German Village, King-Lincoln, Old Towne East, Short North and the University District. Along with WOSU’s award winning Columbus Neighborhoods series, Tom Betti, Doreen Uhas Sauer and Ed Lentz curate the stories tracing the lines from your neighborhood to the Manhattan Project, the Underground Railroad, Abraham Lincoln and the Tuskegee Airmen.

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by Tom Betti and Doreen Uhas Sauer

Historic Hotels of Columbus Ohio

Explore the vintage hotels of yesteryear with a new book, Historic Hotels of Columbus, Ohio. Authors Tom Betti & Doreen Uhas Sauer have joined forces to document the illustrious hotels and raucous two-bit establishments in our city’s past. In Columbus, grande dame hotels like the Neil House, the Great Southern, the Hartman, the Chittenden and the Deshler achieved the height of elegance and refinement. More modest establishments were frequented by fugitive Confederate generals, notorious bootleggers and Fidel Castro’s family. Read about the Gilded Age bachelors who decked out banquet halls to look like camping sites and the Hungarian revolutionaries who failed to keep a low profile. From devastating hotel fires to ornate outhouse fittings, Doreen and Tom will introduce you to a whole new side of Columbus history.

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African American Settlements and Communities in Columbus Ohio
Dr. Toni Smith, Project Manager

Why these communities? Were they unique? What were their stories? These African American settlements in Central Ohio tell a story of a people, a story of memories about struggles against oppression, a story about finding an environment safe for their children, a story of strengths and resilience against great odds. The communities that became home to black populations developed through various circumstances and opportunities. Many of the circumstances determined when and where people could migrate and on the necessities they could gather to survive.

This project explores the creation of a number of settlements that developed as African American communities, identifying within those African American settlements, community—its people and landmarks—the known and unknown of his or her stories. As we try to understand what made African American communities unique in spite of the common beliefs held by the greater white society, Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary reminds us that we have to understand the uniqueness of African Americans, some of whom brought with them African culture while others developed by their experiences in the slave-driven America. She notes that African Americans were a strong and seemingly infinitely resilient people. As Dr. DeGruy Leary asserts, “We are an industrious people…we are a creative people…we are a just and forgiving people…and we are a spiritual, loving, and hopeful people.” Reita Smith

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